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PILATEZENERGY is a unique pilates experience that is customized to you, the client. Offering private and semi-private lessons by appointment only - PILATEZENERGY’s sessions are centered on you and your goals. Whether you are training for a marathon, would like to tone up, have pain or health issues, or are concerned about maintaining your physique Kate at PILATEZENERGY will work with you to meet your specific needs. Kate Medley, founder of PILATEZENERGY takes client focus to a whole new level; by offering only one-on-one and semi-private sessions Kate is able to give you and your practice the attention and focus it deserves, it is more about the overall experience rather than a large and noisy atmosphere without personal attention. If you have “plateaued” in your Pilates practice by attending large group classes, perhaps it is time for you and your body to take your practice to an entirely different level. If you have found you are not receiving the benefits of Pilates or results you desire from a group class environment then PILATEZENERGY is the place for you.

Thursday, September 8, 2016

Ashley Piriformis and Gluteal Muscle Stretch

Pilates not only works the muscles in your core but also your piriformis and gluteal muscles which all aid in supporting your spine. The gluteal muscles are the 3 muscles which originate from the ilium and sacrum and insert into the femur. The piriformis muscle is deep below your bottom. Kate is assisting Ashley with stretching both her piriformis and gluteal muscles on the #balancedbodyreformer. Due to Ashley’s height, this glute stretch was performed on the low bar (lowest setting of the foot bar) with 1 blue spring. With hips square and leg on the bar, Ashley is placing her palms flat on the carriage and hooking her thumbs for stability. She then presses the carriage out resulting in a deeper stretch for her back. #pilates #pointlomapilates #sandiego #stretching #kidsfitness #kidsdopilates #scoliosis #spinehealth #pilatezenergy #pilateslover

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